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Tanya’s first solo exhibition ‘In a Nutshell’



時間:13:00-20:00 (週三休息)

地點:八八九九 ‒ 香港北角京華街9 ‒ 27號富利來商場1樓34號

是次展覽命名為《In a Nutshell 》。香港作為彈丸之地,而且獨一無二,過去經歷無數變遷,有着特殊的國際關係、歷史與獨特自然環境,醞釀林林總總的輝煌文化和人才。香港有如是次展覽作品《小麻雀》般,所謂「麻雀雖小,五臟俱全」,亦如同置身於細小堅果殼中,空間有限,內裏卻不受局限。成功孕育的小堅果,未來繼續茁莊成為大樹,亦催生更多小堅果。這正好用來比喻香港。



‘In a Nutshell’ is Tanya’s first solo exhibition. Hong Kong is famous for its compactness. It plays an unique and remarkable role in history, politics, as well as natural landscape resources. This small city fosters a wide range of different cultures and people, which recalled an old Hong Kong saying, ‘Although a sparrow is tiny, it carries every organ it must have to live’. This also reminisces the meaning of an english term ‘in a nutshell’ ; inside the woody hard shell of a nut, it is full of content that is left to be explored. Nut is a seed, to continue cultivating more fruits. It can be considered as the beginning and an end of a cycle. This is the message that the artist want to give Hong Kong.

Through the process of art making, through the world of animals and plants, Tanya successfully captures the notion of tranquilly within hectic city life.

Tanya has been producing her works in a bedroom no bigger than 100sqm. But she believes that imagination should be boundless. Because how big you think, is how good you deserve.🌻

Translation: @vero.mhl

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